If you’re here, you’re probably curious about coaching or you’ve had at least a passing thought about whether coaching could be a career for you.

If you’ve found that people naturally gravitate toward you and they share their innermost thoughts or about their life drama, maybe, just maybe, you’ve got that coaching DNA.

Do you have a heart for people, and a passion to see them living their optimal lives?

Perhaps, it angers you to see others being taken advantage of?

Is there a specific area that you desire to see people empowered in?

These may be clues into your coaching call.  Coaching may find you even if you’re currently in a career that seems totally unrelated.  It does not necessarily have to be one or the other.  There’s a saying, “All Coaching is Life Coaching.”  The core competencies remain the same regardless of the niche, but your niche finds you based on who you are and your unique blend of experiences and expertise.

Coaching has afforded me the luxury of living from my core values and doing the thing that I already love.  It brings joy and fulfillment to me when others are empowered to live out the lives they were created for.

The coaching space is as varied as the clients are.  It may be in an office, café, outdoors or even over the internet.  There are no limits…as long as the coach and client agree and the space is conducive for the work that must be done.  This affords a measure of flexibility.

The ICA (International Coach Academy) offers a top notch, ICF accredited Coaching Certification Programme.  It enabled me to schedule and pursue my learning at a pace that was comfortable and convenient for me.  I thoroughly enjoyed the online classes which often comprised students from over 92 countries.

The ICA provides support throughout the process as well as Business Builder support to coaches.  Their programme is structured in a way that satisfies the ICF coach member requirements on graduation.  “Training is delivered via a combination of live teleclasses, written training material, video and audio content, as well as a lively learning forum,” explains the ICA Website.  Every coach has coached and has also been coached, so is able to empathise with what a client experiences on the other side of the “coaching table”.